Khilaff sampe 3 kali..... Buka-bukaan Bersama Si Kakek Ditangkap Polisi

4 Best Tips for Choosing Fire Insurance If you are in an area prone to fire, then there is no harm to buy fire insurance. But with the large number of existing insurance at this time may make you a little confused to choose it. The best fire insurance you can choose is certainly an insurance that can work with you in a professional manner. But sometimes there are just fire insurance companies that are too convoluted to issue premiums that you have paid. If so then the loss will be on your part due to the act of this less responsible insurance company. Well, so you do not feel cheated should read the following tips before determining it. 1. Know the warranty provided Phe consumer is king, so you are entitled to inquire about the warranty to be provided by this best fire insurance company. By knowing it, you will become clearer, with the obligation to be given to you. Fire insurance will usually provide guarantees for fires that occur for any reason, for example, being struck by lightning, explosions, electrical short circuit, due to riots and some other things. 2. Compare with other companies Because you can compare the company that is being offered to you, but because it is impossible to go to the company one by one and ask the same thing. Therefore, you can get the best fire insurance information via the internet. By making comparisons online, you can also see the advantages and disadvantages of the company from its followers. 3. Claim process Make sure the home insurance company you follow is a company that is easy in taking care of claims. You can ask this question to some companies still by way of online. In addition, you can also ask some people who have experience in managing claims. The best fire insurance will certainly provide excellent service and do not disappoint its customers. So will many people who believe and cooperate with this company. 4. Sum Insured The sum insured is the nominal amount you will get if you claim the company. Make sure you do not lose, so you must calculate carefully so that the value of claims issued in accordance with what you expect. However, the best fire insurance will certainly provide detailed details so that there is no misunderstanding behind the day. However you can also ask some experienced parties. Once you get the comparison, then you can decide which company you will choose. To avoid crime, fraud, and also later regrets, then it should also provide a true identity and honest. Because often people add or reduce information that should be written. And this is often the problem of the clutter of claims even if you follow the best fire insurance companies.

Drone Insurance Should Hobbyists Insure Their UAVs Whether you call it a drone or an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the demand for this type of aircraft is climbing to new heights each year and highlighting the need for insurance protection in the event of a crash. Part of what’s fueling the skyrocketing desire for drones is greater affordability and accessibility. A quick search on Amazon returns drone price tags starting as low as $19.99 to high-end drones costing upwards of $4,000. And that's helping push sales up. According to NPD Group, by 2018, sales are expected to soar to $1 billion, up from $130 million in 2015. While the sky is the limit on drone innovation, there are risks involved. Whether you’re a farmer using your drone to capture information about your crops or you’re using first person view (FPV) technology to stream your flight right to your mobile device, there’s always that chance that something will go wrong. What happens when your drone crashes? Are you covered by insurance? Spend a few minutes perusing the database of drone accidents and you’ll see that while crashing your drone into the Seattle Space Needle (yes, this actually happened) probably isn’t a likely scenario for you, crashing your drone into a neighbor’s car — or worse, into your neighbor — is. Whether the cause is human error or technological malfunction (most commonly the case according to the FAA’s Data Incident System), damage can be costly. As the popularity of drones increases, so, too, will the frequency and types of accidents. Do you need drone insurance? drone controlsIn the United States, UAV insurance is currently not required for recreational drone use. But that could change. Numerous factors come into play when deciding whether or not to purchase drone insurance. For example, if you purchase a very lightweight drone for less than $100 and gift it to your child who flies it in the backyard of your house only, it may be cost-prohibitive to purchase insurance that costs equally as much. Some homeowners and renters policies cover recreational drones, but most restrict drones as an aviation exclusion since the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) classifies them as "small aircraft". Check with your insurance agent or shop around for the best coverage. While other insurers view the personal use of drones as a hobby, they won’t cover your drone if it crashes or you lose it. And policies will not cover intent to spy on others. A typical scenario is your drone snaps photos of your neighbor while in his home and he sues you for invasion of privacy. If your policy does cover recreational drones, it would most likely: Reimburse you should your drone be stolen or damaged by a disaster, such as a fire, as defined by the policy. Pay medical expenses if the drone injures someone, but keep in mind that the policy would not cover injuries to family members or pets. Pay legal expenses and court awards if you’re sued for injuries or property damage caused by the drone. Matthew Henshon, a Boston-based attorney whose firm specializes in emerging technologies, points out that while insurance is not currently mandated for recreational use here in the United States, drone users should keep in mind that technology is imperfect. “The law of averages tells us that the more someone flies a drone, the greater the probability of a crash.” Henshon, a personal drone enthusiast whose own drone recently suffered a minor crash, draws a valid distinction between recreational drone users like himself and commercial drone users who are bound by FAA regulations that often require insurance. “Recreational drone users have much more wiggle room and therefore must evaluate their own comfort level with risk when considering insurance.” Drone insurance options and rates flying drone Drone insurance costs can vary depending on type of drone and use. For example, coverage rates for closer range, mini drones such as quadcopters, used for aerial photography, will be much different than endurance drones, such as octocopters that come with lots of equipment. You can purchase drone insurance through individual liability coverage from a private insurance agent though some companies require a commercial license. A commercial insurance policy covering liability up to $1 million can run less than $1,000 a year depending on a number of factors. Club memberships Organization, such as the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), provide drone insurance with a valid membership. According to the AMA, coverage includes $2.5 million of personal liability, $25,000 in medical coverage, $10,000 in accidental death and $1,000 for drones damaged by theft, vandalism or fire.
How To Donate a Car In California Are you ready to donate a car in California? If so, good for you! Donating a car to charity is a wonderful decision on many levels. First of all, your donation goes to help a great cause. Plus, you get your old vehicle or junk car moved off of your property free of charge. You are also recycling an old vehicle, and you also get to claim the car donation as a tax deduction. In this post you'll find some tips on how to donate a car in California and some specific requirements you should be aware of that relate to California car donations. 1. To donate a car in California, you begin by submitting an online car donation form or calling the charity you wish donate your vehicle to. If you wish to claim the car donation as a tax deduction, be sure to check that the charity is an IRS recognized nonprofit organization. 2. The process for receiving the tax receipt for your charitable donation may vary. Some charities will email you the initial receipt while others have the tow truck provide you with the receipt at the time of pick up. This is just an initial receipt and enables you to claim a tax deduction of up to $500. You should check with the charity to find out what their procedure is for providing you with this receipt when you submit your vehicle donation. 3. In the State of California, the license plates remain with the vehicle, so these should not be removed prior to the pickup. 4. Filing a Release of Liability with the California Department of Motor Vehicles is an important step you do not want to miss when you donate a car. This document releases you from future liability which may arise for any reason after the vehicle is donated. In California the procedure for filing a Release of Liability is that you must return the pink portion of the title or DMV form REG 138 to your local Department of Motor Vehicles. Alternatively, you can file your release of liability online at 5. If your vehicle sells for more than $500, or if it qualifies for a fair market value tax deduction, you will receive additional tax paperwork after the sale of the vehicle takes place. The amount you will be allowed to deduct on your taxes will vary depending on several factors which could include the price the vehicle is sold for or whether the vehicle is classified as a fair market value car donation. 6. One last point we should mention is that if you plan to claim your car donation tax deduction on your 2012 taxes, you need to make sure you donate the car well before the deadline of December 31, 2012. The charity should have possession of the vehicle before midnight on December 31st, or at least have the pickup well in the works, in order for you to claim your tax deduction in 2012. Don’t wait till the last minute as there could be delays that could result in you being unable to claim the donation as a deduction for the current tax year. If you have any further questions related to your car donation tax deduction, most charities are relatively knowledgeable about the process and paperwork needed, however, you should consult a CPA or accountant for specifics regarding your particular tax situation. For additional questions related to car donations in California, you can contact your local DMV or visit the California DMV website for the latest information on state specific requirements.

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